Adult Mission Center

Vision and Mission

We train and support adults and seniors in Global Mission Church to be Christians that realize the vision of the kingdom of God to heal the nation and transform the world by evangelism and neighborly love.

Common Activities



It is a festival that introduces God to VIP members (new comers) to help them to experience God’s blessings in their lives.

Cell Conference

It is a conference to share and teach the core ministry of Global Mission Church (Cell Ministry), which usually consists 40,000 church members and 3,000 cell groups.

Village/Cell Leader Retreat

It is a retreat to reconfirm the vocation as a village/cell leader and to experience spiritual healing.

Cell Church Sunday/Open House

Cell Church is a small church that gathers around the cell members. The purpose of Cell Church Open House is to introduce the cell church to those who are attending Sunday worship service but are not yet part of a cell church. We use this opportunity to give them a chance to be exposed to a Cell Church.

VIP Reception Ministry

VIPs are people who are new to the church or those whom church members want to invite to the church. We welcome VIPs every week in our VIP reception room.

Spiritual Gifts Discovery Ministry

To do ministries in the church in an effective and efficient way, we conduct Spiritual Gift Discovery seminars and counseling services to help church members to be appropriately positioned to different works of service according to their spiritual gifts.