Senior Pastor. David Sung Eun Choi

Senior Pastor. David Sung Eun Choi

The ministry of raising Jesus’ banner
In our time today, the world has no anthem to sing, no flag to raise, and no values to fight for.

This generation has nothing to raise their voices for, no cause to invest in, nothing worth their tears and laughter, nowhere to direct the meaning and purpose of their lives.

Contemporary culture denounces any notion of absolute truth and yet people’s souls become drier as they rebel in the ways of darkness.

Is this not because we as Christians have forgotten the flag we were supposed to wave, the truth we were supposed to proclaim, and the light we were used to shine?

We need to raise a banner for the world to see. We need to shout truth for the world to hear.

When Jesus called us, he transformed us from the likes of dry sticks to become grand poles from which the Flag of Life would be waived. And when we do, the world will see truth, hope, and meaning in the way we raise our flags and follow us to the destination of Jesus’ flag.

Through us, people will find their way to Jesus, the giver of salvation, and our source of life. And the confession that “Jesus is enough for me” will once again be proclaimed over our lives- our lives that I hope will become an echo for the people in darkness to follow to salvation.



  • The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ph.D)
  • The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.div)
  • Korea Baptist Theological Seminary (B.A)


  • Senior Pastor of Global Mission Church in South Korea
  • Adjunct Professor of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Adjunct Professor of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Instructor of KOSTA International
  • Executive committee member of Northwest Baptist Convention(NWBC)
  • Former Senior Pastor of Tacoma First Baptist Church
  • Former North American Mission Board of SBC Missionary
  • Former Senior Pastor of Nashville Bridge Community Church, downtown


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