Children’s Mission Center

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to foster all children in Global Mission Church as the next generation lay missionaries who will heal the nation and transform the world by living a missional life in homes, communities, and schools.

Common Activities


Mother’s Prayer Meeting

Prayer meeting for mothers to pray for the restoration of their families and learn how they can raise up their children with biblical principles.

Happy Family Children’s Sunday

Worship service designed to restore the meaning and importance of the family by having joint family worship service.

Christmas Festival

Festival to celebrate the birth of Jesus and give glory to Him through our various talents.

Jeans Sunday

Youth is the future of our church! Jeans Sunday is a worship service where all the families worship and pray together for the students and youth with an expectation for the restoration of the next generation.

Galaxy Prayer Meeting

Prayer meeting where parents and intercessory prayer warriors gather together to pray and worship for examinees in the church.

Education Vision Conference

Conference designed to present the educational vision for the next generation and provide worship and elective seminars for the revival of the church education.