Young Adult Cell Ministry Center

Vision and Mission

The mission of the Global Mission Church is to nurture young people to live as missionaries in their homes, campuses, and workplaces with evangelical faith so that they can become lay missionaries who will heal the nation and transform the world.

Common Activities


Winter Retreat

We give our time to God who will guide us into a new year and receive new vision and dream for the year.

Domestic MET Short-term Mission

Through partnership with local churches, we hope to achieve our vision, which is to heal the nation and change the world. We carry out ministries such as rural mission, military mission, and an English camp.

Oversea MET Short-term Mission

We facilitate ministries of dispatched missionaries, hoping that our participants can become professional missionaries who have the compassion of Jesus Christ for the world.


XEE Evangelism Explosion training is evangelism training that features interactive, story-driven, systematic, and inductive evangelism.


It is an evangelism festival for the entire church where we invite VIPs who do not believe in Jesus Christ and have a time to share the gospel message to them.

Bible Academy

We host an intensive Bible educational program twice a year for three weeks each to help young Christians to become believers of the Word.

Delivery of Coal Briquettes of Love

It is a community-service activity to share our warm hearts by delivering coal briquettes to the poor in the local community so that they can fuel their heaters during the cold winter season.

Workplace/Career Seminar

We hold a seminar for the young generation who are afraid of living as Christians in their current or future workplaces, rather than simply being hopeful for their future.

GLA, Discipleship at the Workplace

We train Christians to learn about biblical values for the workplace and help them set their goals for life accordingly. We also help them to produce fruit with the help of their mentors.